3 Reasons Why You Need an Asbestos Management Plan for Your Business

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November 23, 2019
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3 Reasons Why You Need an Asbestos Management Plan for Your Business

Do you work with older buildings that have a risk of containing asbestos?

If this is the case, creating an asbestos management plan is absolutely essential for the health of your workers, surrounding residents, and for you.

An asbestos management plan will vary depending on your business. But in general, this plan will include:

Identification of any locations containing asbestos
Condition of existing asbestos
How you plan to remove asbestos (if necessary)
Strategy to minimise any risk of inhalation
Any other details relevant to your project

While this is a time-consuming task that’ll involve the cooperation of multiple parties to complete effectively, it is definitely time worth investing.

Here are 3 reasons your business needs an asbestos management plan:

#1. Avoid Expensive Ramifications

It’s easy to dismiss health hazards when the dangers aren’t in direct sight.

However, with miscommunication, it becomes far more likely that a mistake will occur and lead to unnecessary exposure to the asbestos in the area. But by creating a detailed asbestos management plan, you’ll have all considerations in writing.

And by sharing this with your team and other relevant parties, plus with the help of a lawyer, you can minimise any legal ramifications you could potentially face.

This can save you tens of thousands (even hundreds of thousands) of dollars. Plus, it’ll ensure the health of everyone involved is kept safe.

#2. Remain Legal

In Australia, it’s a legal requirement to have an asbestos management plan if you’re in charge of maintaining a building built before 2003 or have previously found asbestos in the premise (or is likely to contain it).

For more information, read Safework’s Asbestos registers and management plans.

#3. Stay Professional

The dangers of asbestos are well-known now.

If you’re doing business with other companies and you don’t have an asbestos management plan, you’ll be deemed unprofessional and a risk to work with.

Even if you’re working with residents and not businesses, you’ll raise concern that can tarnish your business’s image.

There’s no reason to not have an asbestos management plan.

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