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May 28, 2019
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3 Reasons Why Renovation Through Demolition Smashes the Alternatives

Are you torn between demolishing your home to build it from scratch and simply rebuilding parts of it?

If you’ve just bought a new property, or you’re thinking up upgrading your new one…

This is a decision that countless homeowners have struggled to make, time and time again.

But we’re here to help you out, so here are 3 reasons why demolition beats the alternatives:

#1. It’s more cost effective

If your property is really old, there may be structural damage to it. Because of the old materials that were used in the building of your home originally, repairing major damage is extremely costly.

This is both due to the materials required and the increased labour necessary in the effort to maintain the integrity of your home while working on improving the damaged parts.

In these situations, it may be cheaper to completely demolish the property and build it from scratch.

But if you’re unsure whether or not demolition will be the more cost-effective option for you, feel free to contact one of our experts for a free consultation.

#2. Your building may contain dangerous materials

It’s not uncommon for old buildings to contain asbestos. Instead of building on top of your asbestos, why not remove it, demolish your home and start fresh?

If your home is extremely old, the amount of asbestos it contains might be at such high levels that it’ll become impracticable for you to simply remove it. Click here to learn more about asbestos and demolition.

#3. You can make your home more modern

While it’s possible to make some aspects of your home more modern by simply rebuilding parts of it…

If the look of modern homes is to your liking — demolishing your existing home and rebuilding it from scratch is the only answer (apart from buying a new home).

Imagine walking into your heritage looking home and being surrounded by smart technology like automated shutters, automatic vacuums, and ambient lighting. Doesn’t really match, does it?

Thinking about renovating your home and not sure if demolition is the right choice for you?
Leave a comment below with any questions you have.

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