Bathroom Strip Out Service: What You Need To Know

Is your bathroom looking tired and weathered? Perhaps you’re thinking of a bathroom renovation to bring your ensuite back to life. Well before you start picking out sinks and tiles you’ll need to contact a professional to complete your bathroom strip out. A strip out involves removing part of a wall, down to the bare timber frame, for the purposes of renovation or rebuilding. This is necessary for most renovations in order to ensure a proper layout of flooring and fixtures.

Here at Northern Rivers Asbestos Removal we provide the highest quality customer service and that’s because we ensure our customers are well informed on the entire bathroom strip out process. We like to prepare you for what to expect from us and what we need from you. This helps to ease the stresses on the day for both the customer and the technicians working the site.

What To Expect From Your Bathroom Strip Out Specialist

  • At Northern Rivers Asbestos Removal we undertake all bathroom strip out services, from the floors to the ceiling, no matter what they’re made of. This means that you can rest assured that no matter the state of your bathroom, there’s no interior strip out project we can’t handle.
  • You will be met with a team of qualified and friendly professionals fully equipped with state of the art technology for your bathroom floor and tile removal, as well as an expansive knowledge on your bathroom renovation requirements.
  • We provide a same day service guarantee! This means that all our standard bathroom wall strip outs are completed within a single visit in order to minimise the disruption to your daily proceedings and get your bathroom renovation well on its way!
  • What’s more is we’ll take the stress out of your clean up by ensuring that all debris and strip out materials are taken away. Our waste removal option adds that extra peace of mind to simplify your bathroom interior strip out so you can focus on the new and stylish renovations ahead.

What Your Bathroom Strip Out Specialist Needs From You

  • Bathroom wall strip outs can be noisy work and can often serve as quite the disruption to people’s lives. We ask that you provide your neighbours with ample warning of your bathroom renovation in order to prepare them for the resonating noise of our equipment.
  • One of the most common things that our clients forget to consider on the day of their bathroom strip out is the furniture. Having to maneuver between furniture with heavy equipment is both dangerous and inefficient. In order to make the most of our time working on your bathroom strip out site, we ask that you clear any furniture that may be blocking the pathway from the entrance to the bathroom. This is will help to maximise our work efficiency, ensure the safety of everyone on site and also guarantee that there is no damage to your furniture during the bathroom removal process.
  • Here at Northern Rivers Asbestos Removal we also specialise in asbestos removal, which means we are qualified to safely handle and remove materials containing asbestos. If you suspect that your bathroom strip out might uncover materials containing asbestos we ask that you notify us in advance.

If you’d like to learn more about asbestos services visit our Asbestos Testing page or call to speak to a professional today!

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