Hazards of Improper Demolition Work

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October 23, 2019
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Hazards of Improper Demolition Work

Demolishing a building is a big project. If done improperly, the lives of everyone involved could be at risk.

This danger includes both immediate dangers and long-term health effects.

But by working with an experienced demolition expert, you can avoid these life-threatening accidents from occurring.

Some hazards of improper demolition include:

Demolition dust and exposure

While demolishing a building, dust is an inevitability. However, when this isn’t suppressed and the materials being demolished aren’t considered, this becomes a major health hazard.

For example, some buildings will contain asbestos. If this is demolished without first being removed, the people in the surrounding area will be exposed to the asbestos fibres that have become dislodged and airborne.

Furthermore, it’s part of NSW’s law to minimise dust during demolition. You’re at risk of harming the lives of surrounding people and at risk of incurring significant fines.

Collapsed buildings

Engineers are very precise when constructing buildings. Specific support structures are required to hold a building up. If the building being demolished isn’t properly inspected, it’s possible for the entire building to collapse unexpectedly during demolition.

Working with expert demolition workers will ensure that every safety precaution is taken. This means specific areas will be avoided, certain support structures will be added, and other precautions will be taken.

Explosions or fires

Before any demolition, it is absolutely essential to cut off all utilities. This means cutting off all gas, electricity, and water.

However, even with these turned off, it’s important for the demolition experts to be wary of where any pipes or wires could be. For example, a pipe could still contain gas and any ignition could lead to a potential explosion.

The result of this could be injuries to workers and surrounding residents. Plus, this may damage surrounding structures and result in very costly repair costs.

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