Kitchen Strip Out Service: What You Need to Know

When renovating a kitchen the most common thing people forget is the strip out. Approximately 6 out of 10 people aren’t even aware of the need for a strip out. Kitchen strip outs involve removing all appliances, cabinets and flooring in order to properly install the renovation. For a complete kitchen strip out service you need to call Northern Rivers Asbestos Removal’ qualified strippers! We specialise in all kitchen strip out services, from floors to ceilings, we do it all!

Here at Northern Rivers Asbestos Removal we believe that the best way to ensure customer satisfaction is by helping them to understand your service. We like to educate our clients on the kitchen strip out process by outlining what to expect from us on the day and what we in turn will need from you.

We have put together a Kitchen Interior Strip Out Checklist to help you stay on track.

Expectations Of Your Kitchen Strip Out

  • As the Northern Rivers Asbestos Removal’ elite specialists, we cater for all kitchen strip outs. This includes kitchen wall strip outs, strip outs of kitchen fixtures and all kinds of flooring. From timber and vinyl to cork and tiles, there’s nothing we can’t handle!
  • In order to ensure a safe working site, we may need to disconnect the local power of the kitchen renovation site. We’ll come equipped with a generator to power our kitchen strip out tools however the power to your kitchen may need to be disconnected throughout the duration of our work.
  • We provide a same day service guarantee! This means that all our standard kitchen strip outs can be completed in one visit to minimise the disruption to your daily proceedings and get your kitchen renovation on its way!
  • We’ll take the stress out of cleaning up by ensuring that all debris and materials are removed upon exit. Our waste removal option adds that extra peace of mind to simplify your kitchen interior strip out so you can focus on the new and stylish kitchen renovations ahead.

How Much Does It Cost to Tear Down a House?

Another popular question we receive is ‘how much does it cost to tear down a house?’, but unfortunately this is a much more complicated query. A NSW demolition service can vary in price depending on a variety of conditions:

  • The Size of the Structure: demolition of a large building naturally requires more work for a longer period of time and in order to cover the wage expenses of demolition contractors, the costs would inevitably increase.
  • The Location: Experienced demolition contractors are careful and wary of the neighbours surrounding a demolition site. In accordance with State regulations, safety precautions are put in place with every home demolition, some of which can prolong the demolition process.
  • The Presence of Asbestos: Demolishing a house with asbestos materials requires further and more extreme safety precautions throughout both the demolishing service and the disposal.

What We Need From You On The Day Of Your Kitchen Strip Out

  • While our state of the art equipment does an incredible job of stripping out kitchen fixtures it does however also make quite the ruckus. We recommend giving your neighbours ample warning prior to the day of your kitchen strip out service in order to avoid any disgruntled visitors.
  • One of the most common causes for project delays are obstacles between the entrance and project site. In order to maximise our efficiency we request that you move all furniture and make a clear path to and from the kitchen strip out site. This will cater for the safety of everyone on site and also ensure we maintain our same day service guarantee!
  • Kitchen interior strip outs can often disturb or uncover materials containing asbestos and considering the dangers of inhaling asbestos it is important to approach such an instance with care. If you are unsure whether your home was built with materials containing asbestos visit our Asbestos Testing page to find out how we can find out for sure!

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