Why A Strip Out Is Necessary Prior To Any Renovation Project

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Why A Strip Out Is Necessary Prior To Any Renovation Project

Getting ready for that major renovation project but can’t decide if you should first do a strip-out of the area or not?

Well, it shouldn’t be a hard decision to make. You see, the success of a renovation depends on how good the planning and preparation is made before it’s even started.

If planned correctly, your newly renovated property will last you decades. If not, you’ll end up with another renovation project just one or two short years after the first.

5 reasons why you should do a strip-out before starting any major renovation project.

#1. Avoid health issues caused by mould and bacteria

You never know where mould or nasty bacteria could be.

Mould is a toxic, living substances that poses a great danger to both you and your family’s health.

They can grow on almost any substance, but thrive in damp and dark places. Professional strip-out specialists can Identify and remove old walls and ceilings where mould is identified. This makes your renovated property safe for everyone, including future residents.

#2. Prevent fire hazards

Old electrical wiring with low amperage ratings should be removed and replaced with higher rated ones.

The number of gadgets now used in a typical household is greater than ever before, which means more gadgets need to be plugged in for power, and each one demands more of it.

This could present a fire hazard if not upgraded properly.

#3. Helps with planning

With a proper strip-out, all non-essential walls are torn down.

Because of this, it becomes easier to see the entire space. Now, it is easier to plan the renovation and it might be possible to make changes you previously thought wasn’t practical.

#4. Remove asbestos

Asbestos presents a serious health issue. It is commonly found in walls & ceiling sheeting, particularly in wet areas though it can also be found as fibre cement sheeting underneath floor tiles, old ‘supasix’ roof & fence panels, the glue under old vinyl tiles or the vinyl tiles themselves! There are also many many more potential places where is it found. This is why getting professional advice and testing before renovating is so important. This becomes exponentially worse whenever a person is exposed over a period of years. 

Strip out professionals can identify and remove asbestos, making your newly renovated place contamination free. Make sure you use only licensed and insured professionals.

#5. Expose potential structural issues.

When you get a professional strip-out, we can quickly survey the property and provide guidance if structural problems are observed.

You don’t want to be renovating over an unsound foundation that can result in irreversible damage and even collapse.

A major renovation project is time-consuming and costly, so it is always best to do it right on the first attempt.

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